TOKYOLOGY explores contemporary Japanese pop-culture.
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    Trying out the Fashions at the Marui OIOI

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    Partying with Goths in Shinjuku

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    On a Japanese Rock TV Show

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    Exploring the Tokyo Anime Fair

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    Talking with Illustrator Yoshitoshi Abe

TOKYOLOGY was featured as a part of the A HARAJUKU EVENING event at the JAPAN! CULTURE+HYPERCULTURE festival at the Kennedy Center.

Vicariously experience the diverse and colorful attractions of the world's largest city, as Carrie Ann Inaba (Dancing with the Stars) guides you through the legendary crowds of Tokyo.

Have fun at the blasphemous Christon Cafe, sneak behind the scenes at a Japanese Rock TV show that pretends it's shot in Los Angeles, stroll around fashionable Harajuku, go clubbing with outrageously costumed goths, or end the night at a super-stylish hair salon that is open for business until eight in the morning.

But there's more to Tokyo than crazy nightlife and entertainment: from anime to architecture, political art to gaming, from shopping and style to the Cherry Blossom festival, the city has something for everyone, and its share of surprises, too!

Tokyology proves to be a well selected video mix tape of Japanese pop culture...
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Oh, what adventures await!
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  • Enjoy 15 unique Tokyo experiences!
  • Shot and mastered in High-Definition with DTS surround sound.
  • Party all night with Goths in Shinjuku, go shopping for shoes with Lolitas, check out the fashions at Harajuku!
  • Experience the madness of the Tokyo Anime Fair, browse the streets of Akihabara, and meet anime creator Yoshitoshi Abe!
  • Look at political art, and visit a video game company!
  • And much more!
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